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Well-packaged rotten fruit

Published:Tuesday | October 26, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I do not know which government bodies are responsible for the quality assurance of fruits and produce being sold to the public; however, I am using this medium to call their attention to the practice of supermarkets and wholesalers that package spoiled fruits and vegetables for sale.

Each time I buy pre-packaged fruits and vegetables, I end up utterly disgruntled and angry once I get home to find buried in the middle of the bag three or four out of a dozen or so oranges, onions, apples, potatoes rotting or rotten. It cannot be mere coincidence that these spoiled fruits are never on the top or on the outside of the packages where customers can see them.

Getting worse

In my estimation, the problem seems to have got worse with time. Most supermarkets no longer offer consumers the choice to select fruits and vegetables for themselves. Instead, we must purchase the pre-packaged items. And the problem is not associated with any one supermarket as I have switched supermarkets so many times but continue to experience the same problem.

We understand that fruits and vegetables are susceptible to spoilage - which can be quite costly to the distributor. However, I would prefer to pay a slightly higher price knowing that all items purchased are fresh and edible at the time of purchase.

I have personally spoken to the powers that be in one large wholesale institution, and while my claims were not denied, the response was rather unapologetic. Since we cannot rely on the ethics of these supermarket owners/ managers to improve these practices, then this cause must be addressed by the relevant regulatory body.

I am, etc.,