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Be clear on sex as worship

Published:Wednesday | October 27, 2010 | 12:00 AM


In your edition of October 24, there is a caption on page A2 which reads 'Sex is worship'. This statement appears as a response by the Rev Carla Dunbar who was being interviewed by The Sunday Gleaner.

There is one line which reads, "I saw it (sex) as worship. I still do, in the right context."

The last sentence - in the right context - seems almost casual, and that's my concern.

First, let me congratulate the Rev Dunbar for her honesty and frankness in dealing with the subject of sex from her perception of a Biblical viewpoint.

Slight difference

I recall that I said something similar, but with a slight difference, in a forum of young people in our church. I said, "The experience of sex can be the nearest thing to worship". Of course, I had to define this as being applicable only in the context of marriage, and also, born out of my own beautiful and happy experience of marriage.

I was not privy to Rev Dunbar's interview, nor her lectures, but can only hope she was careful to defend all the safeguards which the scripture upholds.

The real danger rests in the absence of these safeguards from the general truth, either by Rev Dunbar, or by the writer.

May God clarify the issue.

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