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... Boone Hall Oasis?

Published:Thursday | October 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Restaurant manager and chef at Boone Hall Oasis Dexcar Denton enjoying the cool river breeze as he shows off his pan seared fillet of salmon served with lemon butter sauce and sauteed vegetables, parsley potatoes and candied plantain. - Contributed

Keisha Shakespeare-Blackmore, Staff Reporter

With the backdrop of a cascading river and lush tropical garden, you will find the quaint little restaurant, Boone Hall Oasis, in Stony Hill, St Andrew.

At the helm in the kitchen of this little secret hideaway is Dexcar Denton who is the restaurant manager and chef. Denton has been in the cooking business for the past 20 years. But he was always in the kitchen even as a boy growing up with his grandmother, Mary-Lee Knight, in Manchester.

He told Food that he wanted to be a computer technician at first, but his passion for cooking led him to do a certificate course in pastry at Knox Community College instead.

Chef Denton recalled that the first time he tried cooking on his own he was just 12 years old.

"I made rice and peas and it turned out well," he said with a chuckle.

Special love for pastry

The chef said, though he can whip up anything, he has a special love for pastry. In 1988, he went off to the University of Panama to do his associate degree in culinary arts specialising in pastry making. He returned to the island after completing his degree in 1991 and was employed by Caymanas Golf Club. He said there was not much demand for pastry, so he just retrained himself and branched out into doing other cuisine.

Chef Denton joined the Boone Hall family over a year ago. For him, this will be his first Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week experience, but it would be the second time around for the restaurant and he is geared up and ready to go.

"What I am looking forward to is to see a lot of customers coming in to dine, eat good food and enjoy themselves."