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... Club Privilege

Published:Thursday | October 28, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Bailey adds the finishing touches to his Appleton Pineapple Mojito.
Inside the VIP lounge at Club Privilege. It just oozes relaxation, doesn't it? - photos by Daviot Kelly
The enticing Appleton Pineapple Mojito.

Less than a year into its existence, Club Privilege has already taken the club scene to new heights.

And the altitude measurement will go up this year as Club Privilege joins The Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week family in the Night Cap category. Club Privilege is perfect for lyming or dancing off a few of the calories you got from dinner. Food chatted with bartender Andrew Bailey who's been with the club from day one, and he's the 'head man' at the bar. Bailey has been in the industry for eight years.

"It's fun and I get to socialise with people. I meet all different types of people. I like to see people have fun, drinking responsibly. You can also be an entrepreneur from it as well." He used to do building drawing but found that his heart wasn't in it. After starting out at Bars 2 Go, he then moved on to TGI Fridays. He's now enjoying every minute at Club Privilege.

Not just another club

"Patrons love it, love it, love it," he stressed. "It's not just another club on the scene. The decor is phenomenal, don't even talk about when the lights come on. When guests come in, they don't want to leave," he gushed. He said most patrons don't go for the overly exotic drinks; they prefer 'regular' stuff. But it's all about presentation.

"What you do is make the basic look full of flair. So you can make a rum and coke but you serve it in an orange middle," he explained. Like the rest of the staff, he's looking forward to Restaurant Week.

"To be frank, I'm looking for a 'whole heap a people' just coming out and enjoying themselves, drinking responsibly. "I'm excited about Restaurant Week and I really wanted to be a part of it." He promised a good time.

"The minute the music starts, it's time to party."