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A slow Flow day

Published:Wednesday | December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM

The Editor, Sir:

I visited the Sovereign Centre office of Flow Jamaica Ltd on the afternoon of October 26 to pay my Internet bill.

As I had been directed, and had done on previous visits, and being both legally and apparently qualified, I joined the senior citizens' line. I was the only person in that line. People cast me some odd looks, both customers and employees, but I put it down to my strikingly dignified and calm demeanour while I waited, and while others, both young and older, in the regular line were called before I was.

After a while it began to dawn on me, however, that I was not going to be called at all. I therefore called out to anyone who might hear me and said: "Am I not going to be called, and is this not the senior citizens' line?" There were some suspicious and even fearful glances, but no response. I then asked, directly addressing one of the customer service officers: "Is this the senior citizens' line?"


She was unable to avoid answering me, as everyone was now clearly interested and waiting upon her response, and so I was rewarded with a reply, which was: "Not since the sign was taken down!" I looked up to where apparently there once had been a sign, and lo, there was none. Chagrined, humiliated and properly put in my place, I said something like "nice customer relations, thank you so much" and crawled meekly over to the end of the regular line, where I waited in humbled, repentant and contemplative silence until at last I was 'served' by an officer who was barely able to conceal her amusement.

Sigh. Another regular day in the general 'Flow' of life in Jamaica.

I am, etc.,


Kingston 10