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Let's play

Published:Sunday | November 7, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Let's play pretend.

Pretend that tomorrow will forget to come

And we must live as best as we can from today

Smile at our neighbours, wave to our friends

Greet our enemies and invite them out to play

Freely give hugs and kisses that have long been in store

Tell our families how much they mean to us

Just in case we won't see them anymore.

Let us act as if the world is at our feet

Will we not open our minds and reach for our dreams?

Suppose we were to walk away from negativity,

Towards that beckoning light -

Do you think the way to our dreams will be made more clear?

Try and not only will the result be conclusive

It will be rewarding.

Play with me.

Let's pretend that now is all that we have

Do you want for us to forget about yesterday's pain

And forgive those who have hurt us?

It will be fun, let's try it!

Then we'll be at peace with our enemies

We'll be friends with our neighbours

Our families will know how we feel about them.

- Millicent Pryce


Dearest sweet Mother Mary

Where is God?

He is not in the fire

He is not in the wind

And storm

He is not even in the earthquake

He is the still small voice of your hands.

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson


Independence; freedom, self-reliance, self-reassurance.

Independence goes far beyond our daily expectations; it begins in the mind of creativity, travels to the heart vessels with anxiety and controls the soul of man to withstand any animosity.

Independence is the back pain-toiling of a single mother, doing the impossible and creating the possible for her children. Independence captures the very core of the tutor's teaching and enters the imagination of the pupil's mind or the man who, no matter the cost, always a defensive driver or a schoolgirl in a store, chooses not to follow her peers to become another statistic of a petty thief.

Independence is having that confidence that one cannot be independent if not dependent on God.

Independence is a lifetime commitment.

- Tamara K. Ingram

The longing

I miss the times we spent together free in each other's arms

I miss your curious lips that engulf every inch of my body

I miss your erotic kisses that send my soul into oblivion

I miss your audacious persona that never fails to inspire the rebel in me.

I miss the freaky things you do that capture my mind so sinfully

I miss the tranquility I feel when our bodies eclipse so magically

I miss the way your voice resounds in my head like an enchanted melody

But, most of all, I miss the sight of my unborn child in your hazel eyes.

- Janeese Lawman

The storm

The storm approaches my sight,

with the winds powerful and deadly

such might, cleansing the earth it's alright.

Although it gives people fright, with God's help

it's alright for the beautification of a nation live in life's celebration, unity builds hearts and minds to be strong .

when the cloud clears and the sea is calm.

We know the storm is gone.

- Lady D

Me with my conscience

You know what it is with people like me

with an overactive conscience?

We are too full of ourselves!

Why is it that we feel the need to help in every situation?

As if our brand of solution

will bring some grand breakthrough.

For heaven's sake, why do we force or even allow ourselves

to be nice to people we do not like?

Is it so that we can be admired by all?

Really, what's with our obsession

with taking the high road

and doing the right thing all the time?

What is it that we plan to do when we succeed in all this

look down on others, who

out of weakness or sheer depravity have been unable to do so?

Honestly, who are we to deprive anyone of their divine human right to be right to imperfect?

How sanctimonious!

See, now my conscience has become it's own destructor

as it has taught me one thing,

never to think I am better than others

So now, in order to please my conscience

I'll have to get rid of it!


- Kadian Joiles


Arise oh, you would be

Mary Seacole for Haiti

Hear the rally cry

Take up the stone

That slew Goliath to

Heal mangled broken bones

Keep the whole together

and heaven home for the dying

Empty your hearts' compassion

on the Haitian part of me

No last office for Haiti

Le Liberte'

Le Liberte'

No longer 'The Pedagogy of the Oppressed'

(A book by Paulo Frierre advocating for the liberation in education instruction)

.....Hands not just for praying..... But for working....

Restore, renew, resurrect

forget the white cliffs of Dover

For the world needs you!

- Helen-Ann Wilkinson

The pain of love

You say you love me, but that's how much

You say you care about me, but me you refused to touch

You kissed me once, yet you were sad

I was so happy, I felt so glad

You know I'm married, so what's the big deal?

Is this a fake love or is it for real?

Each time I think of you it brings me pain

To know you leave me to soak in this love rain

Just tell me what I am to do

Now that it seems I am slowly losing you.

- Rosemarie Dinnall


Love is like a big rose

Growing from a little seed

With lots and lots of flowers

Just like a precious red heart.

It is just like a magical pencil

That never stops working

Always having its power

With a magical rubber heart on the top.

Love is like a Christmas gift,

That you can give away to friends

With cards, letters and pictures

And sweets and teddy bears.

It is as wide as the ocean

It is as deep as the sea

High as the birds flying

It is as wonderful as it can be.

Loving someone is good

Also loving your neighbours

And your friends

But most of all, I love myself.

- Praise Durueke

River's rage

Engaged in her chaotic dance

Without a backward glance

Hurricane tore at river's heart

By ripping her banks apart

River moaned

River groaned

As she spat fish and debris

From her churning pits

Trees and houses tumbled

River rumbled and grumbled

Ravages of nature were all around

Where once peace did abound

River's angry goal

Begged to take a soul

Who she would beckon in

To pay for hurricane's sin

Deceptive blue skies

And river's calm lies

Lured the swimmer

Into the then dead calm river

Rage turned to peace

This was his last breath

As the swimmer was sucked to death

Within river's cold and murky depth.

- Verna Gordon Binns