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Charity with a difference

Published:Saturday | November 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Marcia Scott (left) and husband Reynold Scott, chairman of the Lay Persons' Initiative and Chair of the planning committee, at the launch of A Starry Night in Norbrook on Wednesday night.
Myrna Hague, one of the performers expected at A Starry Night on December 3, looks ravishing during the event's launch on Wednesday. - Photo by Sadeke Brooks

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Guests certainly got a taste of what will be on offer at A Starry Night, which will be held on December 3, at the event's launch on Wednesday night in Norbrook, St Andrew.

With head catering by Lorraine Fung and cuisine from celebrity chefs like Adebowale Adeite, Gabrielle Fergurson, Brian Lumley, Sucheta Sujanani and Jacqui Tyson, the guests were taken to all parts of the globe. There was food from Asia, Jamaica, Africa, South America and Europe, which the people thoroughly enjoyed. Juices and wines were also at their disposal.

Chairman for the Lay Persons' Initiative and chair of the Planning Committee, Reynold Scott , is extremely excited about the biannual event, which will be held at Jamaica House, and spoke very highly of it.

He explained that the launch only shows a fraction of what will be on offer at the event.

"That's going to be an outstanding show. You have to get a passport to enter the ship. We are going to create a cruise and you are going to sail around the world, except that the ship is stationary and instead of the ship moving, you move from port to port. So we are going to move through each continent," he told The Gleaner, noting that each port will have its own décor.

"Our event planner Joan Young-Davis created the idea and once the idea came about, we were excited about it because we realised that it would be different. It would provide wholesome entertainment. You are moving around and sampling the foods from each continent. It's an exciting evening where you are mingling and moving around and after you have done all that, we have sit-down entertainment."

At the event, patrons will be treated to powerful performances from Tessanne Chin and Myrna Hague.

One of its sponsors, Jamaica National, is also excited about the event and the opportunity to help raise funds for the Mount Olivet Boys and Pringle homes. With A Starry Night, Judy Benjamin, the bank's representative, said people will be able to "have a good time and, within that context, raise funds to benefit the youth of this country."