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Is this your neighbour?

Published:Sunday | November 14, 2010 | 12:00 AM

In the stillness of my dark, sordid box

I slumped on a shabby and soggy mattress

Praying that my crying ceiling would cease

Deceased from beating upon my thick and curly hair

Care I was rejected

Neglected, I lay bare in the darkness



I hugged myself numbingly

Thinking that I should be eating now

But I felt no hunger

Neither echoed grumbles from the hollow walls of my stomach

There was no food

I pinched my loose skin that was once full and firm

Meticulously, I caressed the sharp contours of my disfigured face

Each scar told a tragedy

Each wrinkle screamed my age

No child, no husband, no relative,

No one to comfort me

I lived in a densely populated area

Yet, I was surrounded by no one.

- Daneika Brackett


Sinful sorrow

Amidst the happiness, sorrow found her

Sadness has always proven a more faithful friend

So her soul yields to its beckon

Her smile fades, she now turns blue

All passions turn to apathy

Everything and everyone she once liked somehow changed clothes

To her, it's unconquerable

It's able to conceal her beauty

Sharp enough to clip her wings

Powerful enough to render her powerless

How unlawful, immoral, sinful - this sorrow

It tastes somewhat sweet though

sweet because of its familiarity

But who will choose to love this slave of sorrow?

Love covers a multitude of sins

So it must be, that only such a virtue can erase this sinful sorrow.

- Laurie Williams


My reflection

Judge me not because of my thick hair and black skin

Not because I am dirty and I yearn to be clean

Look not upon my crooked nose or my parched lips

But search instead first, for the person who lies within me.

Judge me not because I am disabled and weak

Don't treat me with contempt, scorning, ridiculing me

Hear not my voice and turn away when I speak

But search instead first, for the person who lies within me.

Judge me not because of my humped back and my sagging breast

Nor reject me when I outstretch my meagre hands for something to eat

Harden not your heart to the anguish in my eyes or the tears when I cry

But search instead first, for the person who lies within me.

Judge me not because of my long, bent legs and my discoloured toes

Not because I am ugly and I crave to be beautiful as everyone knows

Look not upon my punitive frame and pity the sight of me

But fear me because I am my father's child.

- Nakeena Ellington


The bank line

Slightly bewildered

Two steps more

Feet apart


Money in hand

Lips chapped, no taste

Buzzer rings

Smile appears

Upward movement


- Janelle Mcqueen



I want to scream, I want to shout

To understand what this is really all about

I want you to trust me again with things on your mind

More hours in the day, so we can spend more time

I want to figure out what you're going through

And you to realize how much I love you

I want all this waiting to come to an end

To hold that number one spot again

I want you to stop torturing us

Do what your heart knows is true

You've prolonged it long enough

What other sign will you need to make a move?

I want you actively back in my life

Back as my lover, best friend and eventually my wife.

- Miguel Gonzalez


The great land

I know a country

Small in size

But great with people

Of substance.

I know a nation

Small in land mass

But boasts a large pantheon

Of heroes.

I know that isle

In the Caribbean

With contagious music.

I know that land

Jamaica, Jamaica land.

- Ugochukwu Wilson Durueke


The sun

Beautifully, the sun rises

Gives birth to the day

Brightens up the sky

With every beam and ray.

It gives light to the earth,

And awakens all its creatures

Giving the spotlight to the world

And all its heavenly features.

And as it moves,

Time is changed

The mood shifts

And the atmosphere is rearranged.

Once in a while

It plays hide-and-seek

As it shows itself

Then hides under its white sheet.

But eventually it goes away

And goes below the ground

But soon comes back

As the cycle goes around.

- Kareem Marshall