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What, no Woman of the Year?

Published:Tuesday | November 23, 2010 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Am I dreaming? Or just confused? In the year 2010, is it that (1) The Gleaner has a 'Man of the Year' competition, but no 'Woman of the Year' competition, nor a general, inclusive 'Person of the Year' competition?

Or (2) it's really a 'Person of the Year' competition, but it's called 'Man of the Year' when a man wins, but would be called 'Woman of the Year' if a woman were to win, but no woman has ever won it?

I don't know which of the two options are worse.

I cannot understand why in a country where over 70 per cent of tertiary graduates are women, and women head most of our households, and many civic organisations, there has not yet been a Gleaner Woman of the Year. Please, carefully review your criteria and check yourself for male chauvinism.

I am, etc.,


Kingston 8