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Bravo, Mr Golding, bravo!

Published:Wednesday | November 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM


BRUCE GOLDING'S support of parliamentarians disclosing their personal financial records to the public and, additionally, calling on the director of public prosecutions to arrest and charge members of the House who fail to comply with this initiative, is an indication that Mr Golding is on a new course.

Though this call is highly unpopular among members of his own party and members of the Opposition, Golding has, nonetheless, made it clear that he supports full financial disclosure.

In jamaica's interest

Another move by Mr Golding which indicates that he's serious about doing what was in the best interest of Jamaica is his recent announcement that his administration was moving to give the Office of the Contractor General constitutional backing. Given Jamaica's political history and political culture - which have been steeped in corruption and misappropriation in the awarding of government contracts and in other government-related matters - it is fair to assume that this move is also unpopular with some, if not most, members of parliament. I hereby congratulate the PM for placing on the front burner the two aforementioned critical issues of national concern and importance. Bravo, Mr Golding, bravo!!

I am, etc.,

Patrick A. Gallimore