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We want justice for Mickey Hill

Published:Wednesday | November 24, 2010 | 12:00 AM


The relatives, friends and citizens of Negril and all over the world are still waiting to hear what is being done about the murder of Mickey Hill.

It's been three weeks and we are still in the dark. When are we going to get some answers ?

Mickey was a decent, law-abiding citizen, an honest man, an honorable man, and did not deserve to die that way. We want to know what is being done about the policemen who killed him. What kind of wanton, unscrupulous people do we have in our police force? Aren't they supposed to be protecting the Jamaican citizens? How come they are murdering people and robbing their bodies?

What is being done about the gun allegedly found at the scene? Numerous eyewitnesses can testify that after he was killed, he was thrown in a police vehicle by four policemen, two holding a leg each and two holding an arm each, so how come when he got to the hospital his hand was in his waist? Are dead people moving at their own free will now?

Please bear in mind that the whole world is watching, listening and waiting. We want answers. We want closure. We want action and, most of all, we want justice .

I am, etc.,

Isabella Bolognesi