Wed | May 27, 2020

Government folly

Published:Wednesday | December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM

The Editor, Sir:

I have always been critical of any government and therefore have no political biases. However, the present government has made me fearful of waking up in the morning to hear the ideas they are advancing.

Further, they make rules without interacting with the nation. The latest is the proposed relocation of Up Park Camp. Of all the many issues we have facing us, can Mr Golding think of nothing else to do but to remove the army camp? Isn't that odd for a country without money?

The three years of the Golding administration make it appear as if it is 30. Nothing Golding can come up with can compare with the golden years of the P.J. Patterson era. Even so-called positive steps taken by the Government, when properly scrutinised, are filled with potholes and problems. The much vaunted Jamaica Debt Exchange now has the banks overcharging customers or finding creative ways of making the savers suffer - is this positive?

We need to have investigated the quiet sale of Air Jamaica to Trinidad and the even more quiet visit of Mr Golding to Trinidad without a delegation to discuss the sale.

We desperately need fearless and unbiased journalists. And by the way, given Jamaicans penchant for being corrupt, thank God for Les Green - hope he has not adopted our corrupt ways.

I am, etc.,