Wed | May 27, 2020

Let the change begin

Published:Wednesday | December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM

The Editor, Sir:

I have been following the debate about renewal and change in Jamaica's political system. I believe it was Delano Seiveright and the G2K in general that put the issue out to the public for discussion.

I find myself more and more supportive of this argument after experiences working overseas (in Europe) and seeing the dramatic differences between Jamaica style politics and European. What disappoints me most about many of our political leaders in Jamaica is the unwillingness to takes risks and always seeking to find the most politically expedient way forward as much as possible.

Backward leadership style

We must call a spade a spade. Jamaica has got nowhere with this sort of backward leadership style and we will still continue to face mounting challenges if we don't bite the bullet. The prime minister and some members of his team must be given props for at least seeking to change course. The Jamaica Debt Exchange, the International Mone-tary Fund agreement, the fight against crime and the careful management of the public purse so far show incredible guts.

I think more can be done, and I am sure with more young and bright talent infused into the political structure Jamaica can move speedily along a path of growth and prosperity.

I say let the change begin.

I am, etc.,


Marseille, France