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Vector Technology Institute hosts 14th graduation ceremony

Published:Monday | December 20, 2010 | 12:00 AM
The 2010 graduating class of Vector Technology Institute along with Dr Wayde Marr, chairman of the board of governors and Karen Marr-Bruce, executive director. - Contributed

Thirty-three graduates of the associate degree in Computer Systems Technology, and 10 graduates of the diploma in Computer Systems Technology programmes received their awards at the 14th annual graduation ceremony held recently at the Knutsford Court Hotel in St Andrew.

Businessman James Moss-Solomon called on graduates to uphold uncompromising integrity and punctuality.

"To achieve success, be there, be there on time, and be there dressed to play," Moss-Solomon, the keynote speaker, said.

"It is essential for you to network and apply best practices if you want to succeed."

In outlining the institute's performance, Dr Wayde Marr, executive chairman of Vector Technology Institute, said: "This year we have seen an increase in the number of associate level graduates over 2009; and a decline in the number of diploma level graduates."

The decline, Marr said, reflects the students' recognition and appreciation for long-term programmes.

"An increased number of graduates of the diploma programme have carried on into the associate programme. We believe that students have correctly assessed that there is far more value in the longer programmes."

In his address, Marr called for the graduates to understand the price that they need to pay for success. "The price we pay, reflects in the sacrifices that we make in our personal lives and are therefore sacrifices shared by families, friends and other well wishers."

He urged them to be focused and tread steadily on the road to success.

"The road is rocky, and many falter along the way. Some of us pick ourselves up and soldier on, while the lesser and less committed will despair and may even quit the journey," he noted.

"As you graduate, please do not forget your alma mater," the executive chairman said. "Vector is at a point of development where we need a significant amount of assistance from our alumni. Remember the value of your diploma or degree is tied inescapably to the success of the institution."