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Good leadership from Ellington

Published:Friday | January 7, 2011 | 12:00 AM


I'd like to add my thoughts to Devon Dick's article titled 'Owen Ellington - Personality of the Year' in The Gleaner on Thursday.

As a seasoned police officer, Commissioner Ellington has no illusions about the devastating impact crime and violence has had on Jamaica. He knows first-hand that gangs drive the violent crime in many areas of Jamaica, and he brings a street-level view to the formulation of public-safety policies and programmes. I have been very impressed with the way Mr Ellington and his colleagues took on the challenging crime issues affecting the island.

A fundamental factor affecting Jamaicans' quality of life is whether they feel safe and secure as they go about their daily activities at home, work or leisure. Tackling crime, reducing the fear of crime, and generally making communities safer are issues that Mr Ellington and the members of the force are constantly working to improve.

scarred by murders

The fight to break the vicious cycle of violence that grips our country requires, among other things, time and trust, and a nation scarred by murders and divided by politics is not going to turn around overnight. Members of the Jamaica Consta-bulary Force and citizens must build relationships, build on mutual respect, understanding and trust. Community policing stresses prevention, early identification and timely intervention to deal with issues before they become unwieldy problems.

Still, if people think the cops are not on their side, they will not call about crime. They will not come forward as witnesses.

Despite some setbacks, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington has demonstrated his strong leadership abilities through some tough times. I believe Ellington's grasp of planning and development issues, his collaborative approach to decision making, and his leadership and experience in fighting crime and violence in Jamaica make him the superior choice for my Person of the Year 2010.

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