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Wanted: Some Jamaican capitalists

Published:Monday | January 10, 2011 | 12:00 AM


Whenever Mr Gassan Azan speaks, he tries to tell the Government what to do. What has happened to the capitalistic creed of identifying opportunities and using creative ideas to become even more wealthy?

Mr Azan, what about a for-profit university in downtown Kingston started by businessmen? Let it focus on developing software for the communications industry since Jamaicans like to talk and are so fond of their wireless phones.

How is it going to work? This is where the Government comes in: Free up student loans, and make money available to any Jamaican who is interested in studying at these for-profit universities.

It is full time we have a practical university in Jamaica, one which can address the issue of lack of production and quality in the society.

You cannot call for a free market then expect the Government to do it all. We need a new breed of hungry capitalists.

I am, etc.,


Atlanta, Georgia