Sun | Jul 5, 2020

Talking madness

Published:Monday | January 10, 2011 | 12:00 AM


After reading the Letter of the Day in the January 7 edition of The Gleaner, I was reminded of the Muslim psychiatrist who went on a killing rampage in the US not long ago. The psychiatrist needed a psychiatrist.

There have been other educated professionals and high-profile figures that have been charged with a variety of crimes - from embezzlement, to carnal abuse, to rape, and murder. There have been many children and juveniles charged with crimes as serious as murder. Clearly, 'personality disorders' is no respecter of a person's age, status or religious affiliation.

Different cultures have different personalities. Some cultures look at us and say we are 'noisy' because they would like to quiet us down to impose their own cultural persona-lity. Culturally, Jamaicans are used to being outspoken and straightforward on the streets. When they migrate to other countries where they quickly learn that the cultural personality frowns on such outspokenness, they quickly train their own personality to conform. They are culturally forced to deviate from what is normal for them.

A hasty diagnosis to label the nation as largely full of 'Jamaica, mi crazy' people may be labelling people who do not have personality disorders, but whose obvious personality difficulties and/or criminality may be responding to the current economic flogging.

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