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Something extra

Published:Tuesday | January 11, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Sunsational Car Rental's sensational Nadine Spence stepped out in a pinstripe pants suit.
The swell mother-daughter team, attorneys Jeanne Robinson Foster (right) and Ashley Foster, shade their eyes at the convention centre opening. - Photos by Janet Silvera
Jamaica Tourist Board's Nicole Haughton (left) and Cars to Go's Keisha Brown smile for Something Extra.
Bank of Nova Scotia's Serena Lue-Whittingham (left) and JPS's Kathy Cooke.
Suzanne Grant (left), Angie Ammar and Earl 'Fuzzy' Franklin are caught on camera at the Bacchanal Jamaica opening of the carnival season - a fete dubbed the Bacchanal New Year Party at Mas Camp, Oxford Road, last Friday night. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Tarn Peralto (second left) and wife Pat (left) celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Dr Christopher Tufton and his wife, Neadene, at Castle Drive, Stony Hill, on Saturday night. See details in our Sunday magazine. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Randy McLean is having a great time with DaRion Robe-Weir at the Sagicor Team Walter Grant awards celebration party.
Owen Ellington Commissioner of Police, hugs Carla Lobban at the Sagicor team Walter Grant awards celebration party at the Ultimate Carwash Lounge on Holborn Road in New Kingston on Friday, January 7. - Rudolph Brown/Photographer

Montego Bay's stylish crowd was out for the soft opening of that city's fabulous convention centre last week.

  • In search of a buyer

1 Another business deal has faltered and the principals are searching high and low for a deliverer. The owners have now learnt the hard way that the franchise-business is no walk in the park. The reality is, that In keeping with tough times, people are rolling up their sleeves and doing the cycles.

The fingerprint experts

2 Recently we have heard a number of people criticising police investigators for their work in the area of fingerprinting crime scenes. In several cases the police have said no fingerprints were found when the homeowners swear that the police have deliberately ignored these prints for reasons known only to them. But, some of the questions being asked are: Do the police really have the requisite expertise? Are they in collusion with the criminal?

Well-guarded and on the prowl

3. As more and more executives feel unsafe, many are moving to hire security guards round the clock. Of course, the politicians are the ones who set the trend, surrounded as they are by armed guards paid for by the people. In the case of this business executive, the fact that he is guarded has not curtailed his extra-marital dalliances. No wonder he offers excellent tips to his minder.

What's hidden in the dark ...

4. The businessman has kept the love child a secret from his official family - the irony is that the outsider is doing extremely well - far better than those in the inner-circle. Now daddy is really warming to his role - but he is still maintaining his secret.

Forget Christmas and New Year, it's Bacchanal time again!

  • The Team Walter Grant awards celebration party hit high notes on Friday.