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Sunday Sauce: Comeback story of 2010

Published:Sunday | January 16, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Oxy Moron, Contributor

When you informed us by email of your intention to quit our radio station at the end of your show, we were pleasantly surprised. It was an email we had been waiting for for months. So, when it finally came, WI jumped and clicked our heels in glee. Not one more minute, not one more call from your idle and gossiping callers, not one more shaking of your annoying tambourine.

In the best interest of WI, you must go now and take your legion of fans, your blender of a mouth and your tambourine with you. For, it was no doubt that you and WI were not going to coexist now that we wholly own the station. You see, we have a certain standard to uphold, and we couldn't possibly continue with your raga-raga format.


The foregone is how I, Oxy Moron, think The University really reacted just before it unceremoniously pulled the plug on the tambourine man late last year, and bounced him from its airwaves.

Then, when 'Prime Time Crime (PTC)' heard of the silencing of the tambourine, the news team rushed to speak with the kingly one. Nobody got shot, but PTC was on the scene in a jiffy. Yes, it was refreshing to see something that wasn't about the Oranges, the Greens, the Manatt, Phelp and Phillipses. And there he was on national TV, the tambourine man, crestfallen and all, speaking English, the language of The University. His demise at the citadel of elitism, he implied, was the climax of the brouhaha that had been dogging him for some time at The University.


Brouhaha!? On his live show, it would have been 'bangarang'. It just goes to show the versatility of the PhDed one. He who is from the streets has a knack for communicating with people at all levels. He was the link between the grassroots and the 'gown'. This man cannot divorce himself from his roots. With his head high in the clouds he cannot go around; his feet are on common grounds. But, The University could not have its 'image' tarnished by the tambourine man's down-to-earth disposition; a colourful character it could not stand, so they severed ties without shaking hands, rather, the tambourine.

Taxi drivers, barbers, mechanics, construction workers, bus conductors and tailors silently rioted, pouring scorn upon The University for depriving them of their daily diet of what is mixed-up in the tambourine man's blender, people's business. But their griping and mourning were short-lived. For, by the time they squinted their eyes, the tambourine man was back, this time, nationwide.