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Forever and ever, amen

Published:Sunday | January 16, 2011 | 12:00 AM

I am a man

Who walks on a thick

Short line of gunpowder with a lit cigarette in hand

I drag my cross through it

Very soon the cigarette will fall

And my cross will crush me beneath its weight

My only ally, when our lips meet pours golden life into me

But the reality of the merciless sun and barren land beats down on me

I am Odysseus - and still the rain would not come, nor would death approach

As if life was not just that, the land also becomes rugged

It threatens to trip me so my pursuers would catch me

And the trees, my shroud, point fingers at me

Fugitive! Fugitive! The wind mocks

I lied for them but they have forsaken me

He has forsaken me

One step away from freedom and my Judas betrays me

My cross has been erected, the cigarette falls, my persecutors close in

I shall be a flaming symbol

But I'm no Jesus, I get no sepulchre.

- Kemesha Swaby



The day I felt him move

An excitement flowed through me

Through my veins to the very core of my being

The first time I looked at him I knew that which a mother feels

To hold the one who occupied her body, the one she now needs

I didn't count his tiny fingers and his little toes

Nor did I examine his cute little nose

I was just thrilled to have him in my arms

To know that from now on I'll have to protect him from all harm

The first time I saw him smile my heart warmed

The first time he cried I knew he was born

But I now have the instincts that are held by all mothers

To love, care for, protect among others

Because he is God's wonderful creation

My precious child, my adorable son

The one who puts a smile on my face on my darkest days

The one who made me grow up and change my girly ways

Lord Jesus, I give you thanks for blessing me with such joy

A joy I'll feel until the very day I tell him goodbye.

- Valissa C. Guiness


Life plus tax

Bwoy, a serious times we a live in

More we get pay, the more we a give in

Government a hike up the food and the booze

More for the 'man' so he can lyme and schmooze

So wah? We must go party and pay fi dance?

Charge di woman dem di right fi tip-toe and balance

High cost of health care, fi stay alive it too pricey

Is like dem a GCT every breath a fresh air

Value we a lose and what we win back?

Only way fi mek it a open luggage and pack

A try star over foreign, JA soon barren

Migrate at high speed like a brand new McLaren

Fi wi dollar gone stale, blood a run fresh

Want a $20 coin? Insert silver to yuh flesh

A thief ATM

After that a madness

Fi survive inna wi nation, dem haffi promote badness

Extra cost fi breath, this is a life plus tax

- Jodee Brown