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Poetry: Pearl

Published:Wednesday | December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM

My pearl is close to my heart

Can't afford to lose you, yet I can't bear to see you now

I keep that picture of you close to my heart

never leaving my side

But no matter what, you can't be close to me

No matter what, you can't be where I am

Sometimes, some nights, I wake up crying

And I miss seeing your face in the morning

My Pearl

You'll forever be with me, I'll always keep that

Wonderful memory of you

But I've got to get on without you

Get on with my life

My Pearl

- Tina Miller

Twice a child

We curtsy to him who we do not see

And with a girl murdered long ago we drink tea

We compliment grandma on how beautifully she has done up her strawberry blonde hair

She thanks us and asks if we are coming to her sweet 16 after the fair

Daddy can no longer take it and has left the room

With this acting he is unable to resume

He sits outside, his face stained with tears

Dementia has taken my grandmother as its captive

No longer in reality does she live

She sees not her wrinkles and balding, white hair

We play along because we care

And when she falls asleep we all shed tears.

- Shelly-Ann Woolery

To my son

Whenever you, my son, walk downtown

Let people see a man, let them look at him

Let him be a gentleman from sole to crown

Well put together and royally trim

Be ever quietly behaved

Let the man be human when he talks

Flutter with a smile and quicken pulses when he says

'Hello' or 'How do you do?' and let him shine wherever he walks

Look rich, richer than a king

Be polite and covered with kindness and grace

Let people see a man - strong Impenetrable

Let them think he is everything

Let them wish they were in his place

But behind closed doors and behind unrevealing curtains, cry until the day is done

My poor, disgraced son.

- C.S. Nelson

Need for strength

I am calling forth that strength

That I know is within me

The inner strength that will allow

me to look at life's challenges

and say 'give me some more!'

That strength that will suppress and

paralyze all the antagonistic self- defeating

portrayal of who and what I refuse to become

I will look at circumstances and ask

'Is that all you've got?'

I will chant for the strength, that strength, that strength

That will allow for empowerment

That will propel me up and over

Across and through

Around and beyond

Give me that strength to fight

the weaknesses wrapped with

self-loathing temptation woven by self-pity

A strength that does not falter

That will not always portray resignation and acceptance

Give me that strength

That will produce assertiveness

And a will to fight at the right time

Give me the inner strength

And I will embrace it wholeheartedly.

- Davene Rowe

Touch me

I never knew what it was like

To feel hurt

To be in pain

To feel grief

To have regrets

I never understood the infinite depth of remorse

Never took the time out to be compassionate

I lived carefree in my world of torment and despair

Never looked at things in other people's shoes

Occupying the same building with such diverse foods

Never felt the pain or heaviness in one's tears

Never felt the splitting pang of my heart's strings being torn

Never thought of being the person in need

Never imagined what it must be like to love

Until you

When you entered my life

I felt something change

Stronger than a tap

but lighter than a push

Gentle like a hug

But supportive like a grip

Something so warm that it sent a shock of discomforting pleasure between the satin sheets

Something that made me rock and shake to an unknown beat

Thumping against the steel cage of my heart and causing it to become weak

And melt away the years of resilient confusion

Something so deep that words could never explain

It causes me to have seizures within my mind and breaks my bones into heartless crumbs of thin dust

I never knew what it was like

To feel hurt

To be in pain

To feel grief

Or to collect regrets

I never knew what it was like to be wanted, needed and loved

Until our pulses clanged out and connected when you first touched me.

- Elizabeth Green


Unlimited potential

Gifted me

Package unwrapped

Gifted me

Sprinkle the universe

Sparkling be

Topaz greets ruby

Precious meets stones

Gold plays with silver

And diamonds kiss pearls

Gifted me, gifted me

More precious than metal

Gifted me.

- Colleen Thompson

Water shortage

Water shortage

Has me jonesing for rain

See my dried up bones seep

Into my crevices and cracks satiate me

Under topsoil and limestone

When you fill me up

I might shudder in pain

Rattle and overturn stones, deep

Into my crevices and tracks uproot me

Amidst wild reeds and thorns.

- Juliana Farquharson

Varying Jamaica

Endless cycles and opposites

Modern perceptions

Primeval instincts

Open hostilities on TV news

Cool sea breeze, bright sunshine

Billion-dollar controversy baffles

Poor people's mind

Philosophical reggae music

On the World Wide Web

Rivalling previous defined

The wise, small people and elite

In anger and more, struggling

And their foes

Embodying Providence's plan

Fair isle still here, seas surround

The former defined done played it's part

This isle is www-dot-com bound

Different definitions taking shape

of bits and pieces from all around

The new is rising amidst the old

Jamaica on globalisation ground

Whatever the fundamental script

We are heading forward thence

Good men consent

Daughter's strength

Jamaica is destiny bound.

- Donald Brown

Hear her cry

Do you not hear the cry of this mother from Tivoli Gardens?

A mother crying for her missing teenage son

Where is he?

Not among the counted corpses

Of young men who had the strength of horses

To jump obstacles and become mighty in the land

Not among the list of names of men detained and then released

During the invasion

Where is he then?

Do you hear the sound of this mother's weeping?

Do you hold her in derision?

Or do you weep with her?

Blessed are those who mourn

She mourns.

- Marjorie Dixon

My love

I look at the horizon

And see the heavens and the earth

Make to hug themselves

My love for you goes that far

I behold the morning

And its freshness

My love for you is like that

I stare at the mountains

Standing unruffled

Eavesdropping the secret of the clouds

My love for you is that high

Solid and unshakeable

Have you a love like this for me?

- Ugochukwu Durueke

I close my eyes

I have a vision

That life will have mercy upon me

My world is in shadows

I will pray

That one day I will see the light

What will it take ?

What is my purpose?

That I shall ask

Kindred spirits whisper

I hear their cry

I know my mission

I will walk through the distant lands

Climb the highest mountain

Endure the deadliest storm with the winds of peril

No, it will not carry me away into a wasteland

I will not fade away into the night

I will stand tall and firm

Nature's evil will make way

Then I will see the light

And when my journey is well fought

All my sins

All my pains

All my sorrows will disappear into the wind

Then I can finally open my eyes

My vision, my dream is now a reality

The wall of shadows will now crumple in silence of my new presence

Now, I no longer see the light

I am the light.

- Nickesha Lindsay