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Crisopolis makes the solo run

Published:Thursday | January 27, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Artiste leaves band to explore going it alone

Hasani Walters, Gleaner Writer

When Christopher Crooks left his band, Boom Draw, in 2005, he knew he was embarking on what was the most important aspect of his career as an entertainer.

That knowledge can be scary, but Crooks was not to be deterred - his mind was set on one thing only - developing his individual brand and getting himself known to the Jamaican public.

Crooks started doing music professionally about eight years ago, but it was a stop-start existence in the industry because he was also working on the band that played for Junior Kelly as well as a few other artistes.

Having a solo career and working on the band at the same time proved hectic for him so he made the decision to part ways with the band.

He adopted the moniker Crisopolis, and has been on his own musical journey since then.

Though it has been hard, Crisopolis is confident that he will become a force to be reckoned with.

The artiste already has a 13-track album titled Sirens From A Distance, which was released earlier in January.

Among the songs included on the album are Distant Love, which has been receiving good airplay on local radio stations, Marijuana, Step Up Inna Life and Ghetto Livity.

Crisopolis says the album can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or character, because there are songs on it that will appeal to all.

"They say variety is the spice of life, so that's what I tried to add to the album. One can listen to it and get mainly tracks of upliftment. There are also songs that you can dance to and songs you can hold a meditation to. It carries a flavour that caters to everybody," he said.

He has high expectations for the album but is not saying too much, preferring to let the quality of his work speak for itself.

"I've been recording, writing, and doing a lot of work lately. The album is just a collaborative effort between me and Richard 'Chicken' Dawkins. It's the first of a lot of good albums from us. We know that people will definitely enjoy some of the tracks. The good music will speak for itself. I'm not going to jump the gun. I've put the work in it, so let it speak."

The artiste has also entertained on big occasions, boasting a growing list of live accomplishments.

He has performed at Meet Me At The Party, Champions In Action, Jerk Fest, as well as various community events.

He has also performed at overseas events such as the New Jersey Reggae Festival, the One Love tour with Capleton, Cocoa Tea and other established reggae artistes, as well as at events in Switzerland and Virginia.

When asked to describe his music, Crisopolis went on to say, "My music is uplifting music, I aim to uplift people. It's not only about a bag of jump-up t'ing. I want people to understand the things I sing about so I explain it to them. Some artistes do songs from their vibe and then people take it serious in the streets and do all sort of t'ing."

The four corners of the Earth is where he sees his music in a few years, as he maintains that there is not, and will never be, a limit on reggae music and he is ready and willing to go wherever it takes him.

He said artistes just needed to realise the bigger picture and capitalise on it.