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Unpleasant scent from the Nesbeth affair

Published:Monday | January 31, 2011 | 12:00 AM

It will require the recapture of Nicholas Nesbeth for the police to ease the embarrassment they must feel over the release/escape from lock-up last week, after the hoopla over his initial capture.

But beyond whatever shame they may feel, this incident is another reminder to the constabulary of the need for a full review of its operational procedures and processes, as well as its systems of accountability. All of these have been called into question.

Nesbeth, the police say, was a key member of a gang that was led by Christopher 'Dog Paw' Linton, who was accused of extortion and wanton murder in the Papine and Kintyre areas of St Andrew. Linton was at the top of the police most-wanted list.

So, when Linton was captured last week, followed closely by Nesbeth, the police made a big deal about it.

Ironically, Nesbeth and others were being held at the headquarters of Mobile Reserve, the elite tactical deployment squad. It was not the kind of place from which, we would have assumed, an arrested person would want to risk an escape attempt.

It appears, up to now, that Nesbeth may not have had to escape - that he was released.

What's worse, senior officers did not know that their high-value asset had flown the coop until they were alerted by media queries.

Something smells, even if it is only the stench of disorganisation and/or incompetence. Hopefully, there is nothing more rotten.

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