Wed | Jan 16, 2019 claims top fan base

Published:Monday | February 7, 2011 | 12:00 AM

The Facebook fan page is now the largest company fan base on Facebook in the Caribbean. It was announced on Wednesday, February 4 by CEO of, Alex Morrissey. The page has well over 274,000 fans.

Launched in late 2009 and only being actively used since May 2010, the page has now surpassed Digicel Jamaica's fan page by over 4,000 fans to have the largest fan base than any other company in the Caribbean.

Highly trafficked daily for its free and interesting musical content, is keeping thousands of users from over the world entertained and connected. Fans get to listen to music from all genres - ranging from rocksteady to dancehall. The page has also developed a stellar reputation for posting the latest in entertainment and dancehall news happening across Jamaica. There are also weekly live streaming of album launches, parties and special events on the fan page.

The 22-year-old founder and CEO of expressed elation at how people from all around the globe has been reacting to Jamaican music.

"Music is a common passion and binding factor for us as Jamaicans - with - our fans get to connect with their favourite artistes or songs while having the power to share that lyrical content with their friends and family, wherever they are on Facebook" he stated.

Vibrant music

Morrissey is also hailed for developing the popular online reggae-dancehall game called Songwrita, which was launched just under two months ago and has been receiving reviews about its ingenuity.

He said that one of Jamaica's strongest brands is its very rich and vibrant music that encapsulates the passion of the people and gives an accurate representation of what is happening in the country.

Morrissey further stated " has only provided a more unique and creative way to market Jamaica's music to the world using online media - I am delighted that it is having this powerful effect in drawing people from all over the world to see the vast abundance of talents that we have here in Jamaica."

In 2009, the site was launched, which has been attracting waves of Jamaican music lovers from all over the world weekly. The site has some 15,000 Jamaican songs and 4,000 music videos ranging across all genres of Jamaican music. Users of the site have the option to mix their own music through the site's Virtual Disc Jockey (VDJ) - a feature that can only be found on this site in the world."

To become a fan of the site on Facebook, interested persons can go to Jamaicansmusic to like the page..