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Mega savings with eco-friendly bag

Published:Thursday | February 17, 2011 | 12:00 AM
MegaMart's EcoBag. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

MegaMart continues to delight its shoppers with the latest addition to its expansive inventory. This time it's a shopping bag for all your groceries and other items. It is is being sold at just $35, it's attractive and, best of all, it's environmentally friendly! The green initiative has the full support of the National Environment and Planning Agency.

So, no more plastic bags to clutter up your cupboards or pollute the environment for years to come. If you buy these bags, MegaMart will soon be able to discontinue the use of plastic bags for packaging. The new bags came about in an effort to make the chain more environmentally conscious and efficient. The bags are reusable and branded: MegaMart EcoBag.

The EcoBag places the popular store among a growing number of entities in Jamaica and the world which have curtailed the use of non-degradable plastic bags. This move will further help to save the environment. The beautiful bags are now on display in the stores located in Portmore, along Upper Waterloo Road in St Andrew, and in Montego Bay.

Customers are being encouraged to purchase and use the bags as they were officially launched on February 12.