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As happy as a schoolgirl at 56

Published:Sunday | February 27, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Susan Channer - photo by Rasbert Turner

Rasbert Turner, Sunday Gleaner Writer

Susan Channer, 56, causes heads to turn whenever she goes to school at Williams Street in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

Channer was seen along White Church Street last Wednesday decked out in her brown school uniform.

"I started to go to the Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning seven years now. I have no intention of slowing down as education is the key to success," Channer said while looking over her schoolwork for that day.

She told The Sunday Gleaner that she had to drop out of school for personal reasons when she was younger, but thinks that if she continues to do her work at school, then success will come her way.

"I was working for a tyre shop in Kingston. After I stopped working and was home and having so much time on my hands, I just decided to start school again," Channer said.

Passers-by who listened as Channer related her story, interrupted the interview.

"When I first saw this lady in her uniform going to school, I was not taking it seriously. However, over time her determination really inspires me," said Michelle Moncrieffe.

"It is good that she deal with school, as some people don't like school," Michael Hesty said.

Meanwhile, Channer, a mother of five children (the eldest being 40), said her favourite subjects are mathematics, English, integrated science and information technology.

It is her aim to pursue studies in management and with sheer determination, she intends to make it a reality.