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My beginning

Published:Sunday | February 27, 2011 | 12:00 AM

An urban child waits

Enough in my mother's womb

A brain now built

For the world's adventure

As I twisted and turned

Almost too humorous to bear

Waiting patiently for the moment

At last, my mother felt the excruciating pain

And I anticipated what the world would be like

After moments of pain and fear

I gave a loud cry

Joy and laughter rippled through the room

From mother, nanny and family members

Finally arrived from reflection

Of womb's tranquility

Now on earth's face

The flower embraced with love

Violet is the name.

- Violet Graham



Far down in life is like stabbing me with a knife

Not physically, mentally or spiritually

But technically

Strange things happen frequently through vivid open doors

Open your eyes, ears and do less talking

Take a peek in the sky and keep on walking

Pitfalls are ahead in the atmosphere

Keep your feet on the ground and never fear

Life may be once, twice or forever

You made my life twice which lasts forever

We both pleaded aloud, live and never die

I open my eyes, looked around it's obvious that I'm home, but was this a dream?

A mystery for me to solve, my love.

- Lorine Minott


Father Abraham

Abraham Johnson is a father of wonder

Father Abraham, his children call him

In his weakness he did show strength

His neighbours noticed that he cared

And called him Father Abraham

Father of fathers, he is a father

Yeah, Father Abraham is a father

Father of five children

By two unmarried mothers

But from them he was never absent

Though Father Abraham left their mother

He was always present

For he loved his children

He still loved their unmarried mothers

That man, Father Abraham

Yeah, Father Abraham is a father

Father Abraham earned pennies

But his children never went hungry

He gave them almost every dime

Every child must have a good lunch

Not dining on water and bullas

Though water and bullas he ate almost daily

But Father Abraham never was tempted

To abandon he never attempted

Father Abraham was a wonder

He earned only pennies

He wept and prayed through the night

But his children always shouted

Here comes Father Abraham

He is coming from his work

Father Abraham earned pennies

How he stretched them was a wonder

But every child had shelter

Covered by his devotion and love

Yeah, Father Abraham was a father

He had an old pair of shoes

But every child was newly booted

For in education they must be rooted

So said good Father Abraham.

- Oren Cousins


For a better world

I long for a world

That is devoid

Of hatred

Malice and discrimination

I long for a world

That has no segregation

No marginalization

I long for a world

Where all people live in true love

Yes, live in true love

Which comes from above

Like a dove

Permeating black people's hearts

White people's hearts

I long for a world

Without ethnic cleansing

A world

Without political and religious uprising

I long, I long and long for that world!

- Ugochukwu Durueke


For Michael Jackson

Yu see how death stay?

It soften heart fi choo

In life yu bad and wicked

In death yu good and true

It no matter if yu a Nazi

It no matter if yu a Jew

Sometimes it's only when you're dead

That people see the good in you

Stop, put on your glove

And stand up on your toes

Glide across the stage

Strike a pose

Have the whole world say

They've never seen moves like those

Then white doves fall to their death

In the middle of the road

It's a Black Thursday

People are weeping in the road

The critics are hushed

Sharp tongues cease their prose

All the disc jockeys play your songs

On the radio

And all who had bad things to say

Are too entranced by death's repose

Yu see how death stay?

It soften heart fi choo

In life yu 'bad' and wicked

In death yu good and true

It no matter if yu 'Black or White'

Yellow, red or blue

Sometimes it's only when you're dead

That people see the good in you

Hush, 'Gone too soon' we sing

The whole world acknowledges

The passing of a king

But Michael Joseph Jackson

Even as we cry

We know your soul will live on

For legends never die.

- Lisa Gaye Taylor