Sat | Jan 16, 2021

Eating what you grow is natural

Published:Thursday | March 3, 2011 | 12:00 AM


REGARDLESS OF who first publicly proposed the concept of 'eating what you can grow', it is a good one. The concept enunciated by the progressive thinking Michael Manley (my opinion, for what it's worth ) was not an original one, but well placed at the time.

It's not surprising to see this concept being embraced by certain members of the Bruce Golding administration ... particularly a former associate within the National Democratic Movement. Mr Golding is a latent admirer of Michael Manley's ideals. This appears to be one of those moments when the influence of Mr Golding's better judgement is being exercised. Give credit!

'Eat what we can grow' is a concept with beneficial merits. We share the same sun, soil, rainfall and immediate physical environment as the vegetation around us; there is a synergy here! In addition, it is said that us humans are similar to plants, we are differentiated by one gene and we are blessed with self-mobility.

It should follow then, that if we are what we eat, we should 'eat what we CAN grow' synergistically towards optimum health!

We must pay heed to MOTHER NATURE.

I am, etc.,

Evan Archer