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Police kill 'Don Topping'

Published:Sunday | March 6, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Police in Manchester have killed reputed criminal Donovan Topping, also known as 'Don Topping'.

Topping was shot dead around 1 o'clock at a house in an area called Lime Tree Lane near Newport, south of Mandeville.

It is alleged that he had been hiding out in the community.

An illegal 9mm pistol and ammunition were taken from him.

It is reported that members of the Manchester Street Crimes Unit and the Operation and Support Team went in search of Topping and were fired at as they attempted to accost him.

Our source says even after being hit, Topping discharged several rounds from his weapon.

At press time, the police were still on the scene conducting a detailed search of the house.

Topping featured prominently in the murders of five persons in Portsmouth in Portmore, St Catherine, in January.

The police say the five men were playing dominoes on Milton Close when about 10 gunmen drove up and fatally shot them.

Forty 9mm spent shells and six warheads were found at the scene.