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KIG launches Ford Explorer and Edge

Published:Friday | March 25, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Isiah Parnell (left), Charge' d' Affaires, US Embassy, gets the ar scoop from Major Hugh Blake.
Isiah Parnell (left) makes a point to Robert Pickersgill (centre) and William McConnell at KIG's launch of the Ford Edge and Explorer at 29 Trafalgar Road last Friday.
Dawn Green has a word for Honourable William McConnell.
Clover Murray (left), sales consultant at KIG; William McConnell, group managing director of Lascelles deMercado (centre) and Transport Minister Mike Henry (right) are amused at KIG's launch of the Ford Edge and Explorer at 29 Trafalgar Road last Friday. Winston Sill / Freelance Photographer
Renée Webley (left) and Marilyn Bennett exchange pleasantries at the Kingston Industrial Garage launch of the Ford Edge and Explorer at 29 Trafalgar Road last Friday.

Laranzo Dacres, Gleaner Writer

Picture this. Fine wine, cocktails, and beautiful people, all in the same room. It might sound like your typical cocktail party, but not quite. At least, not when there are hot new cars involved.

Last Friday, Kingston Industrial Garage Limited (KIG) in association with the National Commercial Bank (NCB) pulled out all the stops to make the private launch of the new 2011 Ford Explorer and Ford Edge a sure spectacle for the dignitaries, government ministers, motor vehicle power players and media who were in attendance at 29 Trafalgar Road (opposite NCB's Atrium).

Guest speaker Mike Henry, minister of transport and works, spoke of the virtues of the new vehicles.

"Probably, the only more alluring scent, or perhaps, more alluring thing to a man than that of a woman, is that of a new motor vehicle," Henry said in his speech.

"The pristine, well-padded leather seats, the magnificence of the interior, the sleek grace and the magical potency is enough to make any man weak and acquiescence to every bidding," he added.

Isiah Parnell, charge' d' affaires at the United States Embassy, spoke on the strong relationship that KIG has maintained with the American vehicle manufacturers for over a century.

Dawn Green, KIG's public relations and marketing executive, said the motor show - which was held on Saturday and Sunday - was a consolation for the Automobile Dealer's Association auto show which was cancelled for the third consecutive time this year.

Among those present were Robert Pickersgill, Marilyn Bennett, Kent LaCroix, Ken Shaw, Dwight Moore, NCB's Marcia Reid-Grant, Bernardette Barrows, Rennie Clarke, O'Neil Grant and Lennie Little-White.