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Sex and relationships: Gang bang sex

Published:Sunday | April 17, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Heather Little-White, PhD, Contributor

Who would imagine that in the 21st century, the practice of gang rape would be central to current affairs discussion even when educational levels should have improved and our men and women should be respecting each other in sexual liaisons?

We have heard and read of recent accounts of rampant gang rape of our women by men who could be considered 'brutish beasts'.

Gang bang is a situation in which one person has sexual intercourse and performs other sex acts with a number of people, either in turn or at the same time. When the person has not consented to such activity, it is called gang rape or pack rape.

Parade of men

The origin of the term 'gang bang' was strictly reserved for violent group rape, as depicted in films such as I Spit On Your Grave (1978) and The Accused (1988). In the late 20th century, the term was broadened to include the voluntary act of consecutive sex with an endless parade of men, usually five or six. Men who believed that women with nymphomania tendencies could have sex with dozens of men in one session practised group rape as it was hard to find women who would readily consent to sex with a battery of men. (

With the advent of videotape and a shift in cultural mores, pornography took centre stage and videotape became a teaching tool to satisfy men's primal needs. This gave rise to gang bangs as entertainment spectacular. Gang bang played out on the big screen with filming of the The Sequel World's Biggest Gang Bang II in 1996 with 300 acts, followed by Spontaneous Xtasy with 500. Gang bang statisticians focused more on the 'instances of sex' - and less on the number of participants with each act lasting a minute or so in length in an assembly line filmed in a warehouse-type structure, usually rented out for trade conferences and postcard shows.

Safe sex

Despite the pornographic entertainment purpose of filming, safety was one of the rules for filming gang sex. It was mandatory for men to get test for HIV before filming and they had to wear new condoms for each scene. Another safety practice was cleaning up properly and adequately disposing of ejaculate by supportive flutter girls.

A person who is being gang-raped usually ends up fatigued and ragged. If she is part of the sex entertainment industry, she is expected to be at work the next day. On the second day, there may be less porn actors and more fans waiting in line for their minute on film. At the end of a filming session, the woman is so sore and may seek relief by placing a bag of ice between her legs. Females who participate in the making of the film described it as ecstatic and memorable despite the pain experienced while doing it, according to Adult Industry News.

Sally's story

Sallyrelates her story of how she ended up in a gang bang though she only consented to be filmed with one man in an oral sex act. As a nice girl coming from school, men still "a look you", she says. As I waited for my country bus in the busy Second City, I was approached by a "nice looking big man" who struck up conversation by saying that his first daughter had attended my school (he could discern from my uniform). As the conversation picked up, he offered me his business card. I noted his overseas address. He said he worked with a development agency and wanted to help young girls like her finish their education. I grasped at the prospect of financial assistance.

In a month or so, I met my 'fairy godfather' at a sleazy location in town. I was told that I was expected to engage in oral sex for US$1,000 When I went into the room, there were about 10 men without shirts on, looking expectant for what was to come. One burly-looking one slid on to the bed in the room and I was commanded to 'work it'. I did what I could do orally and to my surprise another man jumped on me and raped me despite my protestations.


Three others followed and I was flat out. I was shooed out of the room and given J$10,000. I was on my way out when I saw the cameras in the room and realised that my nightmare had just begun ... I changed my contact number and would never venture into the town for my bus ... I felt so guilty and could not bear it so I had to go to my pastor who was very helpful in helping me overcome the guilt and shame. I eventually moved to another city where I completed high school and was motivated by my experience to become a guidance counsellor to provide guidance for young people as to what to expect from life as I was never given the opportunity during school.

While gang bangs may be organised and consensual for entertainment purposes, there are others that are straight gang rape or pack rape involving no more than half a dozen to a dozen men, while the minimum is three. Two men are considered a tag team. Gang banging is a huge entertainment industry and men who have criminal intentions will study films and videos as to how to proceed.

Internet instructions

On the Internet, there are instructions as to how to proceed. For example, 'Five simple rules to treat the girls right' in a gang rape video. It reads

1. Remember - You are the boss and you are the master. All the girls in the world are yours - gang bang rape.

2. Forget 'sweetheart', 'honey', 'darling' and other stupid words. You need one word - 'bitch'.

3. Never ask bitches if and how they like to have sex. Just do it the way you want.

4. Make the b... scream and suffer, as they gonna love it.

5. Join Exploited Bitches to see cruel rape action and dirty gang-rape videos.

Gang-bang rape may include fisting where the fist is inserted in the anus or instruments like flashlights and screwdrivers may be inserted in the vagina. A woman may be gang-raped by more than one man at the same time - one will penetrate the vagina with his penis, another will penetrate the anus and a third will engage her in oral sex.

School campuses

High school girls and college students are often victims of gang rape by men in the same institution. Sometimes schoolboys get involved because of peer pressure from one or two leaders who set up the attack. Sprawling campuses that are poorly lit or parties on campus present the opportunity for gang rape. Teen parties that take place outside of school should be monitored by parents and guardians. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children get safely home from these parties. Parents should educate their children about drinking responsibly.

Parents today has much more issues to address and they should be aware on emerging trends in sexual expression whether for entertainment or personal gratification. Information that parents glean can help them advise their sons and daughters who may be lured into gang rape and other sex acts that violate a person's body.

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