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Babybop - Everything but the baby

Published:Monday | April 18, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Trendy and compact. - Colin Hamilton/ freelance Photographer
Marsha knows how to work this cute baby bag. - photos by Colin Hamilton/ freelance Photographer
Perfect to hold everything you will need for a short trip, it even opens up as a lap pad. - Colin Hamilton/ freelance Photographer
Be bold with this red polka dot bag to hold everything your little one will need.
Christian feels like a hero in this outfit and crib from Babybop.
Hailey is quite at home in her Little Tikes. - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer
He's ready for his stroll. - Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer
Little Mason Johnson is ready to roll with his outfit and bike from Babybop. - photos by Gladstone Taylor/Photographer
Sitting cool! - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer
Hailey Grant is ready to take a ride in her little denim dress - Gladstone Taylor/Photographer

Nashauna Drummond, Lifestyle Coordinator

In 2007, first-time mom-to-be Kerisha Cadogan was overwhelmed with all the things she would need for her baby. "As an overprotective mom-to-be, I spent hours on the Internet searching through every type of baby product and the associated customer reviews - I researched everything from diapers to cribs," she told Flair.

From her experience, she gave 'birth' to Babybop in May 2010. "Many Jamaican moms don't have the resources that I had nor the time to do the kinds of analysis that I did, so I wanted to develop a store that could help all new mothers in the way that I had needed."

Babybop caters to everything a mom will need for her newborn from birth to five years old. The store supplies everything except the baby.

She got the name babybop from her older brother who always teased her telling her she reminded him of the character Baby Bop in the popular children's series Barney and Friends. "At the time, I had never watched the show, but took offence to being likened to a dinosaur. Once I finally watched the show, I realised how sweet the character really was and that she had a brother who wasn't so cute either, and I came to embrace and love the name. It was only fitting that if I did something with children that it would be called Babybop."

One-stop shop

At Babybop, Cadogan not only offers all the supplies a mother-to-be would need, but she accompanies them on the journey.

"I like the fact that I am able to help new mothers in a way that I had needed when I was pregnant. Not only am I selling products, but it was important to me to provide service. I get to help mothers wade through all the 'fluff' and get quality products. I am able to guide mothers on a budget to fulfil all their baby's needs without compromising on quality, safety, or functionality. We provide mothers that shop with us with checklists and guides for the most important parts of their journey of motherhood, and we act as a support system that gets to come along with you for the experience."

Tips for moms to be

1 Don't buy too many small clothes - buy big and let your baby grow into them. They grow up fast.

2 Create a registry for baby items that you will need. Babies are expensive and you will need all the help you can get.

Sleep when the baby sleeps. Don't feel obligated to do chores because
you have a few minutes. It's easy to run yourself into the ground trying
to do everything.

4 Line up help for the first week or two of the
baby's life. Every couple can use an extra pair of helping hands while
adjusting to life with a newborn.

5 Adjusting to the sounds of a
screaming baby can be a nerve-racking experience. Don't stress yourself
out if your baby doesn't calm his/herself instantly when you pick
him/her up. Sometimes your baby will cry inconsolably. Do your best to
make him/her comfortable but don't worry if she doesn't stop crying
immediately. It's natural.

6 By the time your child is able to
crawl, make sure that both you and your partner have a clear
understanding on what type of discipline you both want and who will
discipline. Children figure out very early who to listen to and who to
ignore. They also test the waters very early to see what they can get

7 And most important of all, accept that people will
criticise your parenting decisions no matter what - your prenatal diet,
your baby's name. Get used to it. Just learn to smile brightly and say,
"Thanks for sharing!" Then continue doing what feels right, operating on
the basic principle that mother really does know best.

Babybop is located at Shop #9, 11 South Avenue. Tel: 908- BABY (2229)