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LETTER OF THE DAY - Tame the wretched crime monster

Published:Thursday | June 9, 2011 | 12:00 AM


CRIME AND violence is a disease that has plagued our society for many years. It has been allowed to escalate to a point where it looks awful from an international perspective. This monster has grown so much that it has even taken over our schools.

It pains my heart to see the condition our country is in. The leaders of the country, in my estimation, are not doing the amount of work that is required to curb this rising problem.

From the tender age of six, seven and eight, youngsters are forming themselves into gangs and cliques, and terrorising the other members of the school community. I am a fairly young person, so I have experienced the raw effects of violence in school.

If these youths are involved in illegal activities from this tender age, we will have a very hard time to keep up with them by age 12. In my view, the measures that are being used to curb this problem need to be stiffened. We should also seek to eradicate gangs and potential gangs from our schools.

All hands on deck

The fact is that if we don't try to correct the problem from this level it will never be controlled. Crime and violence has become a subject being taught, so to speak. It is a subject that needs to be wiped from the timetable of our youths, and it is going to take every single Jamaican to make it work.

Jamaica is a beautiful country that is being destroyed by crime. Are you passionate about your country? Well, let us do our part to make our country crime free.


Green Valley, St Andrew