Fri | Feb 15, 2019

Gays must leave Jamaica alone

Published:Tuesday | June 28, 2011 | 12:00 AM


I read Corbin Gordon's crap article in The Sunday Gleaner titled 'Governments have failed to mitigate risks of homophobia'.

So what? If you want to be recognised as gays and lesbians, go to the land of Sodom, for example, New York, where you can practise your filth as much as you like.

Leave Jamaica alone and go where you're accepted and/or wanted. We don't give a hoot. Of course, homophobia exists, and it doesn't affect us, the majority of Jamaicans, only you.

You can dialogue with God when you meet him. Our Parliament may not be the best or the brightest, but in that respect, they know what we Jamaicans want. Leave our Parliament alone.