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Sadie Comrie gives over 44 years of service to education

Published:Saturday | July 9, 2011 | 12:00 AM

SADIE COMRIE has served more than four decades in the education system and, from all indications, she has no plans to give it up any time soon.

Comrie, who was nominated by the May Pen Primary School after serving in the system for 44 years, was among the close to 350 educators who were on Thursday presented with the Jamaica Teachers' Association (JTA) 2010 Golden Torch award for long and meritorious service to education.

The pride-filled educators, all of whom have served the fraternity for at least 35 years, were awarded at a function held at The Wyndham Kingston hotel in New Kingston.

Despite retiring from the classroom, the 61-year-old Comrie continues her duties in the education field, as she now serves as coordinator for the database membership management system at JTA.

"I started teaching from I was going to school. I taught my neighbours' children during the holiday period, and from then my parents discovered that I belonged in teaching.

"I think I was born to be a teacher, and I just love it. I served education. I served the children and I served the teachers themselves," she boasted, before indicating how proud she was to be a recipient of the prestigious award.

Comrie noted that her passion still lies in serving the education system, and she will continue to do so with pride.

"I still want to serve in education until I can't go anymore, and even when I have to leave the system I will do voluntary service, whether within Ministry of Education or private institution, one way or the other I will continue it," she added.

President of the JTA, Nadine Molloy Young, lauded the awardees for their dedication, saying that they all served with distinction.

She raised concerns about the lengthy process it takes for retirees to get their pension benefits after years of service to the system.

Audrey Sewell, permanent secretary in the education ministry, also commended the teachers for their hard work, saying that they have been carrying out their duties well to impart knowledge, nurture, inspire and awaken the minds of students so that the country can be a place of choice to live.