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SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS: Sexual arousal from solid objects

Published:Sunday | July 10, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Heather Little-White, PhD, Contributor

Sexuality brings with it unusual sexual practices and 'strange' things are known to cause sexual arousal. It is not surprising then that Adamwas only interested in working at the receiving bay in the dry-cleaning establishment, as it was later discovered that Adam had the time of his life as he checked the clothes, especially those for the women - smelling them and rubbing them over his body with a huge grin on his face. The sexual arousal Adam was having from the soiled clothing is known as mysophilia. It is a part of sexual defilement which involves polluting, destroying, violating a fetish object, sex partner or oneself.

Dirty hands

There are reported cases of men achieving orgasm by cutting, burning holes with cigars, throwing ink, acid and other defiling liquids on women's white skirts as they passed on the streets. Some men also get extra pleasure if their women fondle their genitals with dirty hands. A common form of defilement in sexual arousal is urinating on a partner. The fascination may start at a young age with boys urinating on the girls with whom they play, pets, plants or anything else in sight. Men may carry on the practice of urinating on their partner, a practice known as 'golden showers'.


Urophilia is the terminology for golden showers, where people derive sexual pleasure urinating on their partners or engaging in other acts using urine. It is used for humiliation, punishment or reward. For some, the joy comes from engaging in an act once condemned by their mothers. Urine is revered as a weapon which can cause any target to retreat. Historically, urine was believed to have magical powers and was used by young brides who would add a little to their husband's coffee to 'tie him' (cast a love spell). Urine was also used in healing rituals among many races.

Mud play

Another form of consensual defilation is rubbing mud over the body. This practice has given rise to the sexual pleasure of watching naked women wrestle in mud going against the taboos of getting dirty, fighting and psuedo-lesbianism. Club Mud was established in California where people could go to be aroused by wrestling in mud and by having their fetish items defiled with mud, grease or urine. Items include boots, jeans and leather. Wrestling is used for sexual arousal by those engaging in it and those watching. Couples often wrestle with each other and there are those who engage in it for giving the public sexual pleasure by wrestling naked in mud, grease and other substances.


Food is also used for sexual defilement where pies and eggs are thrown at each other creating a splatter and soiling the area. Women are made to wrestle in gelatine desserts like jello. Pie-throwing is an amusing form of defilement and may be the main activity at nude parties, gay pie throwing clubs or in the bedroom to the extent that it becomes a habit for people to be 'pied' before and during sexual intercourse. Elements of arousal that come with pie-throwing include anticipation, humiliation and enticement by the pied partner.


Although this is not a safe sex practice, fluids from the body are often used for cocktails in sex play. Blood, semen, urine and enema contents may be placed in a glass or chalice. Urine is termed the 'golden cocktail' and may be used as part of a sex goddess ritual or may be used in sexual dominance interaction.

Cow dung

Defilement by soiled objects or waste material gets even more bizarre with the act, of eating faeces for sexual arousal. The act, known as coprophagy, has its roots in a historical practice when mothers would lick their soiled infants clean, a natural maternal instinct among animals. Faeces were used to cure a range of diseases like gout and rheumatism using cow dung, burns used human faeces, goat faeces were used for jaundice and spleen trouble and crocodile faeces for facial blemishes and freckles (Love, 2003).

Toilet slaves

As a part of dominance-submissive play, toilet training is used to get submissive persons to learn the art of coprophagy or urophilia and become a toilet slave. During the process, the slave is made to lick the toilet seat clean and then they are made to lick their partner's genitals clean after relieving themselves. Commodes and shower chairs may be rented and used to carry out the orders of a partner. As part of the initiation for those who may not yet be confident as sex slaves, substitutes of warm beer or chili is inserted in the vagina or anus so that those who are taught to be submissive have to learn to consume these substitutes before moving to the real secretions.

While individuals or groups are entitled to their own bizarre conduct for sexual arousal, those practices should not be a safe sex or public health risk.

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