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Saphire celebrates ... again!

Published:Sunday | July 17, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Birthday girl Dr Saphire Longmore Dropinski and Chef Taka from The East Japanese Restaurant at her birthday celebrations on July 2.
The fabulous Romae Gordon and beau Kingsley Cooper were among the many celebs out for the birthday celebrations.
Businessman Kenny Benjamin hugs Dr Saphire Longmore Dropinski, at her birthday party!

Chester Francis-Jackson, Gleaber Writer

Dears, it was most definitely not one of those parties where guests in attendance stand around trying to out-pose each other; or feigning looks of disinterest while they scrutinise each other from behind assumed stoic poses or lofty perches of studious insouciance.

This was an old-time party, where the essence was meeting new people, enjoying each other's society, and most certainly, having a good time!

And as it was in the beginning, so it was in the end, this was no mere party, but a marathon of a birthday celebration, kicking off around 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 2 and winding down around 4 a.m. the following day. And luvs, talk about 'it ain't over till it's over', this was one of those! My dears, with snob society becoming numb by the deeds of the callous, and dismay mounting at the seeming absence of political leadership at this time, those who can are determined to celebrate their achievements, birthdays, anniversaries and, of course, friendship.

Two Saturdays ago, medical doctor, the lovely Dr Saphire Longmore Dropinski, fresh on the heels of her scholastic triumph in qualifying as a psychiatrist, signalled her return to the happy medium of working hard and playing hard, as she celebrated her birthday with gusto.

Fabulous party

My darlings, why have a party, if not to party? And, with this formula in mind, the birthday girl and hubby Alex Dropinski not only got it right, they hosted one fabulous party, providing not just a fab night, but one punctuated by many an 'OMG' moment!

With some fab music, a bar flowing with oodles of premium champagne and other preferred libations, a marvellous fare offering Cajun shrimp, curried goat, pork a-la gran'mere, island jerk chicken, and a steaming cauldron of soup by poolside at The Knole - overlooking Kingston, honeys y'all know we are talking atmospherically purr-fect here, and then some!

And, my darling dears, with most everyone coming in their dancing shoes and the DJ more than willing to oblige with party music, we are talking one happening party here. For the most part, guests danced out of their attitudes and status and into the soles of their feet that transported them into a space of pure bliss. Oh precious angels, what a night!

With sky lanterns intermittently floating upwards and the DJ spinning some hot music, from Abba's Dancing Queen to Lady Gaga's Poker Face, and everything else in-between, including a liberal spell of techno and Euro house music, mixed by Alex Dropinski, it made for party central. Dessert was a choice of two birthday cakes and luvs, amidst the speeches and toasts the chocolate cake was all that and then some! But what a night! We are talking a night of old school chums, members of the diplomatic and consular corps; the medical fraternity and, of course, family. Songbird/fashion designer Ashley Martin, gave a command performance in toasting the birthday girl!


Dears, it was fab like that, with among those out including: father of the birthday girl Chapman Longmore Sr, her sibling, Dr Chapman Longmore; Indian High Commissioner Mohinder Grover; Belgian Ambassador Frederic Meurice and, wife Lydie; Charles Hanna; security conglomateur Kenny Benjamin and his companion, the lovely Aloima Suarez; Honorary Consul of Iceland and 'a-crowder' Robert MacMillan; Honorary Consul of Switzerland Ueli Bangerter; the enterprising founder of Pulse, Kingsley Cooper and his companion, the lovely Romae Gordon; Capt Rupert Bent and wife Cindy Breakspeare; Deacon Peter Espeut and his lovely wife, songbird Velia Espeut; legal powerhouse Harold Brady; the elegant Sonia Sutherland-Dumetz.

We saw Steve Ashley and son Emile; Yvonne Fredericks; Rajiv Bakshi and companion Dorothea Gordon-Smith, and her daughters Taquice and Luciana Gordon-Smith; Vinay Walia; Dr Winston De La Haye and wife Dr Gillian Lowe; Dr Roger Gibson; Dr Janice Clarke; Dr Roger Roberts; Dr Vincent and Dr Bridgette Okpiavbe; Dr Michelle Henry; Dr Geoffrey Barrow; Dr Maria Walwin; attorney Howard Malcolm; artist Michael Brooks; EU officials: Federico Berna; Thomas Opperer and Alberto Menghini; the simply gorgeous Laura Butler; Rajan and Sonia Trehan; Robbie Epstein and wife Odette; Gabriel Fisher and the charming Kim-Marie Spence; Robert Haughton; former Miss Jamaica Universe Nadine Thomas; designer and style diva, the fab Juliette Dyke; DJ Anthony Archembeau; Saffrey Brown; Marlon Honegan; Dianne Davis; Howard Reid; Tamarie Warner; Weston Moses; Jennifer Gibbs; Roydell Williams; Tamara Wilson; Ricardo Mallett; Corton Palmer; Dahlia Timoll; Maxine Mignott; plus a number of others!

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