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Published:Sunday | July 24, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Poem of the week

An early eviction

Has it pleased thy Heavens to try me with affliction?

Landlords complaining of an early eviction

Then had it rained with scorn and shame

Common complaints leave no one to blame, injustice of another wild card refrains

Conforming synopsis of a current claim handed down by our forefathers' scorns and shame

discarded demise of our cordial reigns rooted west of thy cities' remains.

- Dean Lloyd


Love moon

As you rise

I watch you shine

Over land and sea

And you never fail to shine

Over him and me

Although we are eschewed physically

This entity reminds us

Of our spiritual harmony

And it reminds us

That we are never really apart

For we share the moon

And it is so that we share

The love in our hearts

We watch you

As you rise in gleeful relish

And you remind us of

The splendour of true love

That is divine

And emanates from above

You are a magnificent beacon

Of the night sky

And although these dark clouds veil you

Your light will never die

It is in the same manner

That our love will survive

We shall prevail

Through hardships and pain

Yet our love will forever remain


And like the moon and sun

We shall stand hand-in-hand

Sharing a light that will make us one

You are the light that

Shines over land and sea

And the light that shines

Over him and me

I thank God for placing you there

A light that reminds us

That we are always near.

- Alecia Higgins


My heart's desire

Lord show me where my heart belongs

For there my treasure I'll find

Plant seeds of kindness and of love

Send blessings from heaven above

Lord show me to whom my heart is true

If envy, greed and pride are present, renew

For a chance to make things right I pray

Thanking you each and every day

Lord tell me when my heart does wrong

Make in me a melodious song

A song that tells a story of forgiveness and trust

And how to be neighbourly as I must

Lord help me share my heart in truth

The kind that I've learnt from my youth

Grant me meekness, temperance and serenity

Bring me closer to peace with every enemy.

- Racquel Artwell


When you love

When you love someone

You don't have to say it for them to know

The things you do will definitely show

Actions speak louder than words you best believe

As our bodies display language we can't even speak

Miss them when they are away

Try to please them in every way

Hold them, hold them tight

In their sight do only right

Cherish every moment that you have to share

Don't be afraid to show you care

Love them harder than they do you

Don't stop loving them

No matter what you go through.

- Remona Hylton


Real life

Real life is inevitable

You can't avoid the truth

Despite the joyous moments lived

We all are living proof

It is like a lion on the prowl

Awaiting its next victim

Or like a scrumptious meal devoured

Digested in your system

You cry, you pray for all the aid

To render what is broken

But we all fail to recall

That real life is our token

We need to learn to accept it

And bask in living glory

'Cause a day given is a blessing and

Forms chapters in our story.

- Shannika Brown


The other side of love

I say love is a bitter tale

A story made for fools

Love is a mystery, no one can solve

Love is a sad song, wrote to make you cry

Love is a broken heart, love is a lie

Love can turn you cold, make you breathless

Take away your soul

I say love is a fairytale, made up by a child

But for grown folks love is like an action movie

filled with war and strife.

- Jardine Powel

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