Young farmer reaps Prosperity

Though there is no "glitz and glamour" in agriculture, 30-year-old Nickas Porteous says he is extremely happy. Porteous, who runs the Prosperity Producers Farm in Amity Hall, St James, completed his studies at HEART Trust/NTA's boarding school...

Unlocking the power of potential

Managing a nation or a business in this era is not easy, with all the economic problems globally, environmental issues, in addition to the political demands of the peoples for their governments and business sectors...

Don't blame the workers for IMF debacle

THERE HAS been an attempt to blame public-sector workers who held out for wages due to them for Jamaica's failure to have its economic programme assessed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).Minister of Finance and the Public Service Audley Shaw,...

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Don't Blame The Workers For IMF Debacle
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Following the BMW X6 Case

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Roving with Lalah

Roving with Lalah

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