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POEM of the week; Donkeys in the office

Published:Sunday | August 21, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Dear Mr Editor,

In this time when lies are called truth

And sensationalism passes for news

I think it only fair

For me to use poetry

As a vehicle for my, not so informed, views

Sir, there are donkeys in our office

And on first impression

They seem exceptionally bright

Their braying sounds intelligent

Even their pedigrees seem right

They seem quite adept at doing paper work

They are all chewing on the green sheets

While romping and trampling

The white ones in the dirt

There are donkeys in our office

Behinds firmly planted in our chairs

They put their hooves upon our desktops

Then inappropriately and loudly bray

They nibble almost everything

Especially items shiny and new

And often drink from the toilet bowl

Then poop where the workers keep their food

There are donkeys in our office

Causing chaos all around

They trample the flowers and the carpet

Then drag everything onto the messy ground

They seem bored with their new environs

And, far too easy access to food

But the harder they try to leave the building

The harder their exit strategy proves

There are donkeys in our office

They have attracted many friends

But now they are nipping and stomping at each other

Hoping, to prominence, each will ascend

Now there are no more flowers, papers, clean or shiny things

Just a corrupted, foul-smelling building

Where pests of all nationalities

In perfect discord, sing

There are donkeys in our office

But there is no need to be alarmed

For every four or five years

The workers feel the need

To leave the doors ajar.

- Richard White