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Published:Sunday | August 21, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Love me for me

Maybe if I was someone else you would climb a mountain for me

Maybe if I was someone else you would go the extra mile to make me happy

Maybe if I was someone else there wouldn't be anything too hard for you to do

Maybe if I was someone else you would say you love me and mean it too

Maybe if I was someone else you would take the time to listen

Maybe if I was someone else you would not make me feel so disheartened

But I'm no one else and will not try to be

Because I'm me, with many good qualities

I am authentic, that is who I am

I show respect to everyone

I never ask for diamonds or pearls

All I ask is for you to make me feel like I'm worth

Your time, your love and even your care

The precious moments that we share

Don't shut me out, it hurts when you do

Just be there for me as I've been always there for you.

- Arlene Lewis



Sometimes I let my mind stray

To places far away

Sometimes I dream of things unseen

I ponder life's great wonders

All reality was once a dream

Built from what only great minds had seen

Who dreamt of places they'd never been

The moon, Mount Everest, space

To win the big Olympic race

Dreams are the fuel on which great men run

The cradle in which all great fetes begin

It's our dreams that inspire

Drives our desires

Makes us aspire

To be the best

Rise up and take the test

Settle for no less

Dare for more

Let go and soar

Life is an opportunity

Don't burden me with your negativity

I've got to be what I can be

I've got too many places to see

Life is what you make it

It's an opportunity, just take it

Hope is fragile, don't break it

And with God I know I'll make it.

- Seon Lewis



The excruciating pain rips my heart out

I am screaming out loud

Yet there is no sound

Stuck in an abyss

Misery, regret, loneliness

No one hears my cry

All they see is the facade I try

They do not see what's under this mask

I wear it so well, no one would ever guess that I am a total mess

Day by day, night by night

I sit alone

Overpowered by my thoughts of that unforgettable day

When he had his way

Vulnerability, hopelessness Resentment

These scars shall forever remain

Like ink on paper

They have stained

If only it could all just go away.

- Theresa Peters



No longer call yourself the strong, lonely woman

You are strong

But not lonely

You have me, here I am

Why blame God?

Find the humour despite your crisis

This outside child will never give up on you

Together we can fight this.

- Melisha Murray


Hope and love combined

Love lost can never be forgotten

but love gained is a true surprise

Who wants to wait for what

will not be

When the horizon promises

a new sunrise?

Love and hope.

- Carmen A. Welch