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Something extra

Published:Tuesday | August 23, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Wisynco's Tamara Ward (left) poses with Michelle Stanecky and her children, Evan (standing) and Eden-Starr. - Photos by Janet Silvera
Robin Russell and fiancée Stayce Ingram at a feast marking the start to bird-shooting season near Kirkpatrick, St James.
Dale and Pia Delapenha in a playful mood at bird bush.
From left: Petra Bassaragh, sister Kerry Matthews and daughter Nia Matthews pause to pose for Something Extra.
From left: Jordan Clark, along with siblings Brittaney and Richard Welds, cooling out at a bird-bush feast.
Samantha Charles, chief operations officer, International Financial Services Centre Project; Gina Phillipps Black, partner, Myers, Fletcher & Gordon (MF&G); Norman Dunn, director, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC); and Hilary Reid, partner, MF&G, smile for the camera before the start of the recently held Wednesday-morning seminar, hosted by MF&G and JCC, where Gina Phillipps Black presented on the topic 'Trends in Anti-Money Laundering'. - Contributed
From left: Lena British, Wayne Marshall and Tami Chynn pose for Something Extra at Renaissance Disco's 22nd anniversary 'Futuristic' party, held at the Old Coal Wharf, Port Royal, on Saturday night. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
LIME's Nathaniel Palmer and Danielle Hopkins flank the newly crowned LIME Miss Teen Portmore 2011, 16-year-old Ruth-Ann Williams (centre), at the grand coronation show held on Sunday at the Portmore Pines Plaza. Ruthann beat a field of 27 other contestants to take the title and will represent Portmore as a youth ambassador over the next year. - Contributed
It's official. The 2011 bird-shooting season kicked off across the island last weekend and families took to the bush like fish to water. As usual, our cameras will follow the exciting activities till the season ends in September. Send your special bird-bush snapshots to and we will publish them in Something Extra for you.

Tuesday talk

Nuh linger here

Okay, so management demands a security check for patrons using the club. In these days of terrorism, that is kind of expected. What is not expected is that a female would be patting down a man. And, sure enough, it happened one night that the female objected vociferously to the fact that her man was being touched in all the sensitive areas. The ugly scene only cooled down when the police came.

The art of tipping

Supermarkets say no tipping is necessary. So why were these two young boys fighting over a customer? Reason being the shopper is known as a heavy tipper. Now, if the management wants to avoid a repeat brawl, perhaps they should ask that if the customer insists on giving a tip that it be handed over and all tips can then be shared between the check-out guys keeping everyone happy.

Crooner goes MIA

Well, they checked everywhere but one place - jail. The yardies were hyped for the performance of their super star and couldn't understand why he was not on stage. Was he sick? No. No. Did he have a quarrel with the promoters? No. No. Seems he was in the slammer for a misdemeanour which he thought was long expunged from the books. Others must now take heed.

Eking out a living

So what if turkey neck and chicken back is what the socialite can afford these days? Her loud announcement that she needed this for her dog was totally uncalled for. She would have wanted the floor to open and swallow her if she saw the mockery on the faces of those who were nearby or heard the comments. Who is she fooling? If the lady is to be believed the dog died nearly three years ago.