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Shocked at Church's stance on gay PSA

Published:Sunday | August 28, 2011 | 12:00 AM


The mere fact that God made every man in his own image, and Jesus Christ the son of God is the epitome of unconditional love, I am appalled that the Church took an objectionable stance against unconditional love being given to gay and lesbian siblings or children by family members in Jamaica.

I have come to the conclusion that the churches in Jamaica are primarily responsible for the promotion of hatred and intolerance towards homosexuals.

One's sexuality helps to form one's identity. The Bible teaches man "to love thy neighbour as he or she would love thyself". Clearly, the majority of Jamaican church leaders preach oppression, indirect violence and hatred towards our gay and lesbian children. Hence, these ungodly utterances and gestures are unbecoming of the fundamental principles the Church was built on.

Furthermore, the absence of real love shown by church leaders to homosexuals is preposterous! How can a man of God and a follower of Jesus Christ forbid family members from showing their children and loved ones unconditional love because he or she is a homosexual? This is nonsensical and unlike Christ.

Hatred must stop

Therefore, the preaching of homophobic hatred and alienation by Jamaican churches must stop immediately. The beating and killing of our children based on their sexuality is inhumane and cruel. Some church leaders claim that that they do not support the killing and beating of gays and lesbians, but at the same time, they have turned a blind eye and deaf ear towards the suffering and eradication of their homosexual family members and friends.

Thus, out of many one people, we should unconditionally love and support our Jamaican brothers and sisters.

I am, etc.,