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'Homosexuality is wrong'

Published:Wednesday | August 31, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Reverend Michelle Smith praying for members of the congregation at Shalom Missionary Church, St Andrew, on Sunday. photo by Ian Allen

  • Rev on a mission makes her mark in Grants Pen

The REVEREND Michelle Smith, who swapped a lifestyle of homosexuality to one of grace, took her testimony of deliverance to the community of Grants Pen, St Andrew, telling residents that the Gospel is powerful enough to change any lifestyle.

Smith, who delivered the morning ceremony at the Shalom Missionary Church in the community on Sunday, blatantly denounced the lifestyle she dabbled in for over 26 - more than half her lifetime.

"(Homosexuality) is wrong and I am not 'putting water in my mouth' and say it. God delivered me from (this lifestyle), and when you come to grace anything can happen," she bellowed over the microphone to her audience.

The 43-year-old Smith, a Jamaican living in Trinidad, also poured cold water on the argument that homosexuality is innate, adding that a change in thought and divine intervention is a sufficient remedy to rescue those caught up in the lifestyle.

"I was one of them who use to say I was born this way; that is a lie from the pit of hell. What you need to do is change your way of thinking, change your atmosphere," she said.

In turning her attention to churches on a whole, she called on the institutions to stop making the issue a taboo, and start speaking out against it, adding that these are real life situations that exist even inside most churches.

Using her own life as an example, Smith also urged the congregation not to be quick to judge persons when they decide to take the step from sin to grace.

"It is not your job to judge others. You don't know what people are going through; how afraid they are, and how frustrated they are. How they try everything and they stopped and say 'no there's got to be a better way'. Let us examine ourselves," she said.

Reverend Smith has authored her testimony of transformation in her book titled, From Lesbianism to Grace. Smith, who said she was also unable to read for the most part of her life, has embarked on writing her second book.

- Nedburn Thaffe