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LETTER OF THE DAY - Haiti still needs the UN

Published:Tuesday | September 13, 2011 | 12:00 AM


The recent alleged sexual attack by Uruguayan soldiers on a young Haitian man has once again fuelled calls by many black pan-Africanist intellectuals, and others, for the 'UN exploiters' to get out of Haiti. While the attack on that young Haitian, if true, is most unfortunate, it would be very wrong for the UN to exit Haiti.

It is interesting, but unfortunate, that these black intellectuals who are demanding that the UN get out of Haiti are not calling for those soldiers who are alleged to have committed the act to be brought to justice. One wouldn't want to punish the innocent with the guilty now, would we?

This unfortunate attack, if true, has once again shown just how racist some of our intellectuals truly are. I heard some of them referring to these UN peacekeepers as proxies for France, Britain and America. Some of these 'intellectuals' go much further, accusing the UN soldiers of murdering and exploiting the Haitians. These claims are absurd, to say the least.

The truth of the matter is that Haiti desperately needed external intervention for decades. The massive earthquake that the country suffered only made that need greater. If the UN forces were to leave Haiti, the country would quickly descend into anarchy.

Real help from 'wicked' whites

It is very interesting to note that after the earthquake, the countries that these black intellectuals like to show off, like South Africa, Nigeria and even Haiti's close neighbour, Jamaica, did very little to help. Indeed, it was, and still is, the 'wicked' white powers like the United States, Britain, France and Brazil that are providing the real help. Why must our black intellectuals enjoy biting the hand that is feeding them remains a complete mystery to me!

I would urge our black intellectuals to stop allowing their hatred of anything white to obscure their better judgement. The intelligent thing for them to do is to demand that those accused of that terrible attack be brought to justice. They should also be thankful to the UN for its intervention, and realise that without it, Haiti would be much worse off today.