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OCG accuses Warmington of perjury

Published:Wednesday | October 5, 2011 | 12:00 AM

Tyrone Reid, Senior Staff Reporter

MORE THAN a year after the initiation of a special investigation into allegations of impropriety and irregularity in the award of several contracts to a company allegedly linked to member of parliament for South West St Catherine, Clifford Everald Warmington, Contractor General Greg Christie has concluded that the sharp-tongued politician might have committed perjury.

The 236-pager penned by Christie and his team detailed a web of conflicting information as sworn statements given to the Office of the Contractor General (OCG), which differed from information gleaned from the National Contracts Commission (NCC).

"The OCG has, therefore, concluded that there is a gross disconnect and conflict between the sworn statements which were submitted to the OCG by Mr Clifford Warmington and the previous sworn declarations which have been made by him on the application forms which were submitted to the NCC," read a section of the special report of investigation conducted into allegations of impropriety and/or irregularity in the award of certain contracts to Strathairn Construction Company Limited (SCCL) by the St Catherine Parish Council, the National Works Agency and the Ministry of Transport and Works.

According to the special report: "Further, and having regard to the fact that Mr Clifford Warmington, in submitting an application to the NCC, for and on behalf of SCCL, asserted, pursuant to the provisions of the Voluntary Declarations Act, that he was the owner and principal of SCCL, and has now, subsequently denied the veracity of same in his sworn testimony to the OCG, the OCG has been led to conclude that Mr Warmington has committed an offence under the Perjury Act in relation, either to (a) his representations to the OCG or, (b) his representations to the NCC."

The report also revealed that a review of Quarterly Contract Award (QCA) reports that were filed between January 2008 and the third quarter of 2009 showed that $104.5 million in contracts were awarded to SCCL.

The report also stated that a "Mr Lloyd Grant, a councillor at the St Catherine Parish Council was actively involved in the operations of SCCL and was appointed a director of the said company on 2003 March 26".