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The 'part-human' goat

Published:Saturday | October 8, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Goat herder Fabian McKenzie shows off the deformed kid that was born lifeless.- photo by Dalton Laing

Dalton Laing, Gleaner Writer

FRIENDSHIP, Westmoreland:A stillbirth kid with unusual facial features and the absence of a vertebral column was the topic of discussions in Friendship district last week.

Many residents described the kid as being "part human".

But Dr Dingle Foote, veterinary surgeon in Westmoreland, has dispelled the rumours.

"It is not possible for a human being to impregnate an animal," Foote explained. "Based on what I'm seeing here, this would be what we know as foetal anasarca, which is a condition that can affect animals as a result of several factors."

He said the condition was hard to detect and can be triggered by the animal eating certain plants, ingesting certain medications, lack of vitamins, or exposure to certain viruses.

The veterinarian added that there is normally a difficult birthing process, as was the experience in this case.

"The mother goat was crying so I asked my friend to go and help him," says Petrona McKenzie, sister of the goat's owner, Fabian.

"They helped by pushing on the side of the goat, while another person held on to the legs, which were partially out. Right after it (the unusual one) come out, the other kid drop out."

The kid could lie flat on its back or underside. Its rear end was unusually fat for a goat kid and its head and face were round instead of the usual long, narrow shape.

The second kid survived and was suckled by the ewe.