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LIME signs number portability agreement in Cayman Islands

Published:Wednesday | October 12, 2011 | 12:00 AM
  • Urges change to local regulatory environment

Telecommunications provider LIME has signed an agreement in the Cayman Islands to secure local number portability database services that will make it possible to port telephone numbers from one network to another.

The company has also continued to push for number portability in Jamaica, allowing users to keep one phone number even when they switch providers.

In a statement yesterday, LIME said it has been leading the consortium of telecoms providers working on implementing local number portability in the Cayman Islands. "The company's goal is to have the facility available by January 31, 2012, giving customers across the Cayman Islands the freedom to choose their provider," the company said.

In consumers' interest

It quoted the firm's managing director for Jamaica and Cayman, Garry Sinclair, as saying that the telecoms provider believed local number portability "is in the best interest of consumers and competition, and LIME will continue to push for the local authorities to urgently begin the consultation process regarding the appropriateness of implementing LNP in Jamaica".

According to Sinclair, "Our present regulatory environment definitely needs to change to one that will better support more effective competition in the telecoms market. We consider the introduction of local number portability to be one of the necessary features of the new and progressive regulatory framework that is required at this time."


Emphasising that "the introduction of local number portability is necessary to better promote competition in the Jamaican telecoms market," Sinclair said that "when service providers are better able to compete, the benefits to consumers will include lower prices and more innovative products and services." Ultimately, he said, number portability "is about putting consumers first, it gives consumers more choice and LIME supports this 100 per cent".

Sinclair also explained that the implementation process was known to be lengthy and involved, and it was therefore critical that the Office of Utilities Regulation published its programmed consultation document on local number portability without further delay.

LIME said number portability eliminates most of the costs and inconvenience that businesses and individuals face when changing telecoms providers, because numbers remain the same and therefore there is no longer any need to notify contacts or change business cards and company stationery.