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More Wata! - Party goes for bigger, better, wetter

Published:Friday | October 14, 2011 | 12:00 AM
Andrew Bellamy (left), director of Island Mas, Benjamin Simms (centre), marketing executive at Digicel, and Floyd Green, also a director at Island Mas.
The Bajan crew was in the house at the last Wata Party.
Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Dubbed The Official And Original Wata Party, the long-standing Island Mas event spearheaded by Andrew Bellamy is back to build a new party family while maintaining its already huge following. The party is on tonight at the UDC Car Park, New Kingston.

According to Tickoya Joseph, public relations representative for Island Mas, 'bigger and better' is a cliché, but the goal for this staging of the event is to exceed the last, therefore the cliché is still applicable.

"We pay keen attention to our Facebook and Twitter comments and try to add any element that can enhance the party," she said.

According to Joseph, at the last Wata Party there were concerns about space and water supply and this time around will be different. "We have more water trucks than the previous staging, because patrons have expressed that they want more water, and we also have a bigger space so the crowd will be able to move with more freedom," she said.

The party, started in the mid-2000s, has reportedly never failed its followers, to the point where they are now regarded as family. "It's no longer an event, it's a family. Patrons who come to Wata Party are getting a chance to be a part of something great," Joseph said.

That is not the only gift that Wata Party promises its patrons, as there will also be giveaways, courtesy of sponsors Digicel and Red Stripe Bold. Some people may just be lucky enough win phonecards or Red Stripe Bold giveaways.

Joseph also said The Official And Original Wata Party is committed to being as consumer friendly as possible. "This party is for people who are down to earth. The average man and woman can come and have fun. You don't need to get hot, expensive clothes. The theme is Short Shorts, therefore, all you need apart from you admission cash is a cute top, short shorts and a comfortable pair of shoes for dancing," she said.

Presold admission is $500 for women and $800 for men, while the drinks-inclusive VIP is $2,000 presold and $2,500 at the gate. Persons who will not get to bask in the exclusivity of the VIP area are still catered for, courtesy of Red Stripe Bold, which will provide $100 drink specials for regular patrons from 9 p.m.-11 p.m.

In addition to the huge venue and more water trucks, Wata Party will also introduce body painting, more water slides, the mechanical bull and an astronaut ball, among other fun attractions. The DJs who will flood the atmosphere with musical fluid are Code Red, ZJ Bambino, Richie Ras, Arif Cooper and DJ Billy. Joseph says the DJ line-up is one of the best that Jamaica has to offer, because Wata Party has always paid careful attention to music selection.

There will be designated parking areas with security patrols to ensure the safety of revellers and property. Joseph also said water will be available for detox.

"It's a guaranteed fun experience at a cost that is very affordable, and you have a chance to leave as a winner of the prizes that we have. It's a movement and a family, so be a part of something great," she urged.