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EVE chips in

Published:Monday | October 17, 2011 | 12:00 AM

1 Why did you decide to sponsor Flairtatious?

Flairtatious is, importantly, about Flair Magazine's 27th anniversary celebrations and charitable outreach - particularly at the onset of the Yuletide season. Being a good neighbour is always about being mindful of lending a hand even as we celebrate our own milestones.

2How are you hoping to benefit from the sponsorship?

Beyond considered benefits, EVE is simply pleased to be a well-wisher and to be part of a company reaching out.

3What is your company's policy regarding corporate citizenship?

The EVE brand, and company Facey Commodity Ltd, are strong on corporate citizenship. It's about strengthening relations with stakeholders - for which there is no finer investment for meaningful corporate development.

4With Christmas fast approaching, do you have any special sales or marketing initiatives to share with Flair readers?

EVE will continue its promotional drive EVE-vasion, discount shopping with prices unmatched on the respective promotional weekends where handy household items are awarded to consumers with the required purchase. As is the theme, EVE-vasion is about evading high prices with the EVE range of products and mega-value meals. The next EVE-vasion promotional event will be at National Wholesale, May Pen, Clarendon, October 28-29. EVE will also be a part of various customer-appreciation days of a number of supermarkets and wholesale outlets islandwide.